The best method for preparing a wood surface for stain is Media Blasting. The Media used is either ground corn cob or ground glass. This method is capable of removing old finishes and leaves an excellent surface to stain. The finished surface is textured but smooth. This allows the logs to absorb and anchor the stain. Media Blasting is a dry method of prepping and will leave a layer of dust on the logs and sometimes inside your home. Some applicators blow or dust the surface off before staining.

Typically after Media Blasting, we recommend sanding the logs to help clean up any material that is left from Blasing process. Most old hard,dry paints tend to stick to the hard grain of the wood and can only be removed by sanding.


Corn Cob blasting can transfer mold/mildew spores onto the logs. To insure the logs are protected from these problems we do a final, light wash down of the logs prior to staining with special wood cleaners to kill mold and mildew and preserve the logs. 

 Cob media is finely ground corn cob. Unlike sand, cob media will not etch glass, which makes it safe to use around windows. Cob media won't remove paint on metal edging or colored trim. Cob media is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable making this an eco-friendly product.

When any type of blasting being performed a tarp will be placed around the perimeter of the home/cabin and this will collect 90% off the media. Then the media collected and disposed of after use. Because of the air pressure there may be some media/dust entering your home depending on the craftsmanship of the structure. Remember this is dry media not water . This eliminates the chance of internal water damage to your home. 

 Glass media is 100% recycled crushed glass. The use of post-consumer glass directly benefits the environment by reducing landfill waste. The manufacturing process reduces the glass and removes contaminates and waste by-products from glass. These particles are as fine as sand from the beach. Glass media is non-hazardous, non-toxic and completely inert. Glass media is safe to use around water, shrubs, humans and animals.